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Regina Karadada – Wandjina

$ 1,295.00 $ 850.00

Region: Kalamburu , WA
Size : 92cm x 77cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Product Description

Regina Karadada is the next generation of senior Wunumbal artists from Kalumburu community in Western Australia’s most remote north western region. She was born in Wyndham in 1952 at a time when her community was run as a mission settlement. Regina was “taught by the Spanish nuns – good school, taught everything that you learn now, and music, cooking, sewing – everything.”  The settlement remained as a mission until 1980 when the community went their own way.

Regina’s family includes most of the best known artists from Kalumburu. Her mother Rosie and father Louis Karadada were carvers and painters, as was her auntie and uncle, Lily and Jack Keradada. The senior painter and lawman Alex Mingelmanganu was her maternal uncle.



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