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Mary Nungurrayi Watson

$ 595.00

Region:  Yuendumu, NT
Size : 120cm x 60cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Product Description

Bush Yam – Mina Mina

Mary Nungurrayi Watson was born in 1960. She is from the Yuendumu community (about 290kms north-west of Alice Springs). Her skin name is Nungurrayi. She is the mother of 2 daughters and 2 sons. She has been painting for 7 years. She learnt the stories and artistic skills from her grandmother. Her main stories are Yumari, Bush Yam and Bush Tomato Dreaming.
This painting is about the Nungurrayi women collecting wild bush yam in the ‘Mina Mina’ area. The circles are different kinds of wild bush yam, the curly lines are snake vines.
‘Mina Mina’ is the name of an ancestral place where digging sticks were believed to have emerged from the ground. The Mina Mina site is nestled around Lake MacKay, north-west of Yuendumu in central Australia bordering on the Tanami & Gibson Desert.
Mina Mina is a very spiritual and important place for the aboriginal people. Many aboriginal artists paint Mina Mina land to honour its beauty and show gratitude for the resources it provides


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