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Jack Cook Jungala

Jack Cook Jungala

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Region:  Mt Allen , NT
Size : 123cm x 41cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Product Description

Honey Ant Dreaming

Jack Cook Jungala was born on Napperby Station near Yuelamu in the Northern Territory. Jack is a senior Law man and a very well respected member of the Yuelamu community. He is married to Ann Cook Nungurrayi and Rowena Nungurrayi who are also painters.

Jack began painting in 1985 and is still transcribing his traditional stories onto canvas. His main subjects include Emu, Honey Ant, Water and Turkey Dreamings. Jack has largely painted for the Yuelamu artists whilst the art centre was operational. He now paints for galleries in Alice Springs and executes privately commissioned works. He has exhibited at Tandanya Gallery in Adelaide and has also been exhibited in Galleries in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne


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