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Hand Painted Didgeridoo by Greg Reid

$ 595.00

Length: 130cm

Timber: Native Australian Acacia

Weight: 4.5kg

Mouthpiece: Australian Beeswax

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Product Description

Greg was born in Condoblin, NSW from an extended family of Wiradjuri artists and craftsmen. He proudly specialises in hand painted wooden artifacts, including traditional termite hollowed didgeridoos of Mallee, eucalypt and ironbark wood.

Traditionally, to make a didgeridoo was a long drawn out process involving only the initiated males of an aboriginal clan.  First they had to find a tree of the right shape that had been eaten out by termites. The hollowed out tree was then cut down and with a sharp instrument stripped of its bark. Using possibly a spear the debris was pushed through the hollowed trunk. This also has the effect of sterilising the didgeridoo. Finally the most secret process is carried out, the carving or the painting of the sacred symbols.

Anyone listening to several didgeridoos will notice that no two sound alike.  The sound of the didgeridoo is unique and unable to be copied with any modern instrument. The didgeridoo is the most recognised aboriginal musical instrument and has also entered the field of contemporary music.

Traditionally and originally, the didgeridoo was primarily played as an accompaniment to ceremonial singing and dancing. However, it was also common for didgeridoos to be played for solo or recreational purposes outside of ceremonial gatherings. For surviving Aboriginal groups of Northern Australia, the didgeridoo is still an integral part of ceremonial life, as it accompanies singers and dancers in surviving cultural ceremonies. Today, the majority of didgeridoo playing is for recreational purposes in both Indigenous Australian communities and elsewhere around the world.

Creative Native has been supplying original handcrafted and hand painted genuine Aboriginal Artifacts for over 25 years. We ensure only the highest quality products and are guaranteed genuine originals. Each item is verified and checked for quality assurance.


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