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Denise Napangarti

$ 2,750.00

Region:  Jupiter Wells , WA
Size : 122cm x 122cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Product Description

Women’s Story

Denise Napangarti is an emerging artist who paints lyrical representations of her traditional women’s stories from the Mt Liebig region in the Western Desert. She is the younger sister of the established artist Lilly Kelly Napangardi.

Her works are a visual meditation on the natural patterns observed in her traditional land. Many of Denise’s paintings depict waterholes which are held sacred and are a vital part of survival for the nomadic tribe’s people.
Denise currently resides at Mt Liebig, an outstation of Papunya, with her husband and children.

Selected Exhibitions:

1989 Laurrie Diggens Fine Art, Melbourne,
1992 Araluen Art Center , Alice Springs;
2001 Tandanya Adelaide


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