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Clinton Smith Yongar

$ 1,195.00

Region:  Bibbulman Track , WA
Size : 116cm x 69cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Product Description

The Rainmaker

Clinton Smith paints the story of the Rainmaker, which is a very important dreaming for this region, as the rain is essential to the survival of the people, animals and the land. He shows the water, rain, thunder and lightning.

Clinton has been painting for six and a half years in which he has developed a bold, figurative style. He relates stories taught to him by his grandfather, Gilbert Smith and his grandmother.

Clinton is of the Nyoongar people of the south west. Clinton tells of time spent with elders learning from them and being taught their traditional stories and paintings. He now includes many of these in his artwork to pass on the tradition and keep the stories alive.


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