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Betty Egan – Magpie-man Dreaming

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Region:  Murchison River, WA
Size: 130cm x 85cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Product Description

Betty Egan was born on Yallalong Station on the Murchison River in Western Australia. She and her family are members of the Wadjarra Tribe who continue to speak the Wadjarri language and maintain a very strong continual link with their country and traditional culture in the Murchison River.

Betty Egan was educated at the Pallotine Mission, Tardun in Western Australia, leaving in 1986 moving to Alice Springs. It was here that her adopted family gave her permission to start painting their stories. Betty has returned home and started painting her own stories.

Sadly, Betty passed away in May 2016, she will be greatly missed.

“The Magpie-man chases these 2 women everywhere they go, he chases them away from their campfires and the grounding stones (and fire). The Women go through a big lake in between Kings Canyon and Ayres Rock. The women go out into the desert living off the land, eating honey ants, bush potato and witchetty grubs.

This story was given to me and my daughter by Steven Clyne from Kings Canyon NT.”

-Written on back of canvas by Betty


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