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Jason Dimer

Born - Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Language Group -

Jason Dimer’s family ties span the length of the WA goldfields, from the Wutha Yilma people of the north to the Malba Mirining people in the south. After years of observing the painting techniques of his father and other community members, a teenage Jason took up his brush 23 years ago as a form of relaxation. He said: ‘My father was pretty surprised that I could actually paint. I said, ‘But I’ve been watching you do it for years!’ My style differs to my father’s though; his style was traditional contemporary whereas mine has a lot more symbols. I basically tell personal stories, and I pass those stories on to my children through my paintings… I am not telling traditional or sacred stories though, more about the things that have happened in my life. Most of those paintings will last 100 to 200 years….so those stories will eventually become a way of tracking the past for my family’.


Jason was commissioned by IBA to paint the arched dome in the entrance hall of a building on Boulder Road, Kalgoorlie. The building was acquired by IBA in 2003 through its investments program and refurbished to government office standards, with tenants including the local Indigenous Coordination Centre. Where possible, IBA seeks to extend the economic development opportunities provided through its investments to the wider community. To this end, the walls of the building have long showcased the work of local Indigenous artists, including Jason’s own father Neil and sister Miranda.