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Greeny Purvis Petyarre

Born - Boundary Bore, Utopia
Language Group - Anmatyerre

Greeny, apart from being a very high ranking tribal elder in Utopia, is also the nephew of the late Emily Kngwarreye. His father, Alhalkere Jack, Lindsay Bird’s mother and Emily are all blood brothers and sisters. He is married to Kathleen Kemarre and has four daughters.

His paintings usually, Yam Seed Dreamings, are highly sought after by collectors and galleries throughout the world. Very rarely does he digress from the basic colours, and paints with the use of line, medium size dots and very small dots. On occasion he has been known to use very large splash type dot work during a period of collaborations with Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

His colours usually indicate different stages, seasons or time e.g before germination, after germination, when bearing fruit and sometimes after bearing fruit. His paintings appear to reflect his unpretentious personality – quietly unassuming but with that feeling of endurance and respect.