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Evelyn Pultara

Born - 1940, Northern Territory
Language Group - Anmatyerre

Born about 1940 at Woodgreen Station, Utopia (Northern Territory), Evelyn Pultara is an Anmatyerre woman, and is the mother of six children. Evelyn began painting in 1997 (for the Red Sand Art Gallery in Ti Tree, north of Alice Springs). Originally painting traditional themes, such as bush tucker and the ceremonial body paint designs known as Awalye, Evelyn progressed quickly to paint in a variety of styles. The bush yam, her plant totem, is the subject of all her work. 

Evelyn is a prolific painter whose work evolves over time, in explorations of her theme that seem to treat the bush yam in all its growth phases. Some of Evelyn’s paintings have been compared to the work of Emily Kngwarreye, and there are some similarities in the free, swirling treatment she gives to the more gestural work, where luscious pinks and oranges make up flower-like images. At other times her paintings show hundreds of closely ranked dashes or strokes, that move across the canvas in generous dabs of complementary colour. Again, there is a third style where several layers of different coloured whorls are like ribbons or tangled roots.


National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia 

The Holmes a` Court Collection, Perth


Evelyn Pultara has shown her work in numerous group shows in Australia and overseas, in Milan and London. In 2005 Waterhole Aboriginal Art in Sydney and Red Sands Gallery, Alice Springs, combined to give her a solo show at Gig Gallery, Sydney.

The artist attended the opening, the first time she had travelled to any city outside Alice Springs.Solo Shows:

Feb 2005 ‘The Art of Evelyn Pultara’ , Waterhole Aboriginal Art and Red Sands Gallery, at the Gig Gallery, Glebe, Sydney

 May 2004 ‘Evelyn Pultara’ curated by Armida Allevi, Galleria abOrigena, Milan

 June 2003 World Vision Walkabout Gallery, Leichhardt,

Sydney 2002 Red Sands Art Gallery, Alice Springs Group Shows: 

2003, Outback Aboriginal Art, Melbourne

 2003, Centro Culturale Allende, Sogni Aborigeni Premio Chatwin, La Spezia ,

Italy 2003, Teatro della Tosse, Rassegna Australiana: Arte del Deserto, La Spezia, Italy