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Clinton Smith Yongar

Born - 1973, Bibulum,Western Australia
Language Group - Bennolong Tribe

Clinton Smith is an Aboriginal Artist also known as Yonga. He is born in the bush land near Wagin, South of West Australia the 2nd March 1973. Clinton is a Noongar man from Bibulum / Bennolong Tribe on his maternal side And from his paternal side Noongar from Kangang Tribe.

Clinton shares his time between Kalgoorlie region and Perth. Some of his projects included workshops for Eastern Goldfields Senior High School, Marku Stadium, Freefall Theatre, Public MuralsHis Artwork includes dot painting, murals, rock art, bark paintings, landscapes, Didgeridoos painting, animal artifacts, spears, woomeras and other hunting weapons.

Clinton main preoccupation is to use his art and skills to help Aboriginal people in desperate circumstances such as street kids. Assisting to address the problems of “at risk youth” by offering real and practical Solutions by teaching and learning traditional Aboriginal Culture, with its diversity and avenues of self identity, heritage and life skills. Clinton plays the didgeridoo and also is a Dreamtime Story Teller. He has been given permission by his Elders to paint Dreamtime Stories Dreaming Child…Desert Dot Art… from the Heart …