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Welcome to Country – Diwali Ceremony

Thursday 19th October 2017 marked an important Indian celebration called Diwali also known as the Festival of Lights. This special celebration was held by organisers of the Annual Swan Festival of Lights at the gorgeous location of the Supreem Court Gardens in Perth, WA. At the Swan Festival of Lights, the Creative native artists did the welcome to country ceremony for the Diwali festival. Welcome to Country is a ceremony performed by Indigenous Australian Elders to welcome visitors to th

View in a room!

[metaslider id=2893] Contact us with photos of your empty walls, and we will send recommendations from our collection to view in the room! Let our aboriginal art experts help you to design your interiors. This is an excellent way to 'try before you buy', although don't forget we have a money back guarantee on artworks if you change your mind. Let us know if you are interested in a particular style, size or colour scheme and we can help you find the right artwork for your home. [metas

Jason Dimer – Quiet Acheiver

Article by By Rebecca Brewin of the ABC Inspired by his late father, Jason Dimer has contributed greatly to Kalgoorlie's indigenous art scene and is this year's NAIDOC week organiser for the Goldfields. Perhaps you haven't heard of Jason Dimer, who last year had his Michelangelo moment by painting the inside of a dome in a building in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Mr Dimer began painting over 20 years ago, having picked up the skill from watching his father for a long time. This year Mr  Jason

The Fall in the value of the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar

By Jay Shah Over the last few months we have seen a steady decline in the value of the Australian Dollar against the US Dollar and also other currencies such as the Pound Sterling.  What effect does that have on Aboriginal Art? Well a painting worth AUD 1000 in October 2014 (Rate 1 AUD - 1.13 USD) cost someone in the USA USD 1130.  At todays rate that same painting at AUD 1000 (Rate 1 AUD - 0.72USD) is now costing USD720.  This is a fantastic time to buy Aboriginal Art if you live in US

The Health Benefits of playing the Didgeridoo

Article by Gina McColl IT SOUNDS great and is so good for you that some say it's the healthiest musical instrument in the world. The harp? The drums? The trumpet? No, it's Australia's own didgeridoo. ''It should be taught in schools, in old-age homes, certainly in hospitals and rehab centres,'' says Melbourne digeridoo teacher Dean Frenkel. Living proof of his belief, the asthmatic once held the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous vocal note (56.92 seconds). Frenkel says his wo

New Generation of Aboriginal Artists – Justin Ronberg

Justin Ronberg spent his youth in the Northern Territory and the central Desert regions where he was encourage by his family to pursue his Artistic talents. From an early age Justin has been inspired by the mind-blowing sounds of the didgeridoo. Justin’s Australian landscape and earth images paint a strong sense connection with the Australian outback (bush). His creations are earthy, vibrant and full of life. The sounds and visions of the Australian landscape are expressed through his un

New Didgeridoos By Rodney King Jungala

As a child, Rodney lived with his mother and attended school in Katherine. He would spend his school holidays with his father in Ngukurr, east of Katherine. It was during these holiday visits that Rodney first began to paint, learning from artist Kenny Wark, who also taught him how to make didgeridoos. Rodney spent his senior years of schooling in Adelaide and then spent two and a half years working as an apprentice carpenter. He returned to the NT to spend some time working in Bulman, Arnhem

Shades of Summer Shopping Party

Creative Native are participating in the Shades of Summer Shopping party that is being run by Enex100 and Forrest Chase Shopping centres.  Come into store at Forrest Chase and at Enex100 for exclusive offers and a chance to win one of 10 Trips to Singapore courtesy of Tiger Air.


Posted by Frannie Hopkirk Was Cyclone Tracy a freak accident of cosmology, an epic drama involving a vengeful wind, or just a pissed off tropical storm? The insinuated anthropological terminology given to destructive natural disasters such as Tracy has 'Her' with the best of them. Calamities on this scale are often given female names. The terminology is sexist – and it is true, Tracy (like Katrina and others) did act like a black-hearted woman, spewing spite, wiping out a city, uprooting

SPOT ON SALE!!!!!!!!!

20% OFF!! Each week we are going to list a special painting for sale at 20% off the normal price. This week it is a beautiful painting by Aboriginal artist, Justin Roberg (IGGY). Justin is from Ukaka in the Northern Territory, this painting is titled ''Bush tucker Dreaming.  Justin uses earthy colours and he is an exeptional didgeridoo player.  Normally this painting would sell for $1995.00 but with 20% off it is now $1592.00!  If it is to be sent overseas we can deduct the GST of 10% from

Perth’s Aboriginal History

Aboriginal peoples’ name The Aboriginal people of the Perth area belong to the southwest region and are referred to by various names. The best known are Nyoongar, Nyungar, Noongar, Wajuk and Wudjari. However, the variations of “Nyoongar” appear to be wrong. “As a nation we are not even Noongars, we are actually Bibbullmun. Bibbullmun is the mother earth, the dirt we walk on, Nyoongahs are the males, Yorgahs are the females, Koolungahs are the children,” explains Aboriginal elder and

Thankyou to City of Perth

A very big thankyou to City of Perth and the team at Jones Lang Lasalle for allowing Creative Native to exhibit West Australian Aboriginal art at thier vacant store on Forrest Chase for the month of August. We had a great time teaching didgeridoo and allowing the public to view our amazing collection for the whole month of August. Its been an incredible response from the public and we have managed to make our artists alot of money. If you are in the area come in and say hello, meet our artist

Creative Native Art Exhibition for GPCE Confrence in Perth

Creative Native exhibiting for GPCE at Perth Exhibition center this weekend. The General Practitioner Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) is widely recognised as one of the most important educational events on the General Practice calendar, hosted annually in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. Creative Native is showcasing 15 paintings from artists all over Australia. We are proud to be associated with this event and excited for the future..   Stay tuned for pictures from this

Perth Aboriginal grandmother denied access to her Grandchildren

Aboriginal grandmother 'denied access to children in care scared of Indigenous people' An Aboriginal grandmother from Perth says she is being denied access to two of her grandchildren in state care because of claims the children are afraid of Indigenous people. The Department for Child Protection (DCP) has disputed the claim and said it was working towards re-establishing contact between the children and their grandmother. The grandmother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, s