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Buying Aboriginal Art

Purchasing a piece of Aboriginal art brings alot of pleasure and satisfaction. A piece of Aboriginal art purchased today will bring you many years of enjoyment. Whether it is going to be hanging in your loungeroom, office or an addition to your collection, buying the right peice of art will bring you years of hapiness if bought from the right place with good advice.

There are a 5 factors to consider when buying an authentic piece of quality Aboriginal art.

1) Are you dealing with a reputable source?

The first and most important consideration is where you are buying your piece of Aboriginal art.

There have been many cases of Artists being treated poorly and forced to mass produce art in poor conditions.
When you buy your piece of art you want to make sure you deal with a reputable gallery that follows a code of ethics when sourcing art from the artists. Mass produced art looses its value as a form of art as it becomes more commercialised.

2) Is the art authentic? Was the art painted by the named artist?

There have been many cases where both art and souveniers have been painted overseas and passed on as aboriginal art. In such instances everyone looses except thoose importing this “fake” art. Aboriginal artists are loosing work and money because cheap imports are flooding the Australian market and being sold as Aboriginal Art to unsuspecting tourists.

When dealing with a reputable gallery, you have the confidence of knowing you are purchasing a genuine piece of Aboriginal art painted by the named artist.

3) Is the artist listed, and is any information by the artists supplied?

Reputable galleries will try and promote artists as much as the artwork. Owing, appreciating and enjoying art is also about appreciating the artist and their time and effort. Together with enjoying the art, you will also be supporting Aboriginal artists.

4)Is the price fair?

When buying aboriginal art, ask yourself a few simple questions:

-Is the price fair, or is it too cheap or too expensive?

When you buy art for a very cheap price, it is very likely the artist was not paid a fair price for their work.
Experienced galleries will not only promote the artist, they will also aim to achieve a fair price for the painting.
If you buy it too cheap, the artist obviously did not achieve a fair price for their work.Just like any profession,
Aboriginal artists spend many hours on their artwork, and deserve to be paid well for their time and effort.

5) Have you spent time choosing your piece of art?

Buying a piece of Aboriginal art is an enjoyable and fun experience. A big part of the purchase involves getting up close and personal with the art and really connecting with the culture.