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Buying a Didgeridoo

At Creative Native, we will ensure the next didgeridoo you buy is a fun and educational experience. Every individual is different and so is every didgeridoo. In fact from our experience, we find you don’t choose the didgeridoo, the didgeridoo chooses you.

Our professional and experienced didgeridoo players will go though all the steps to ensure you get a didgeridoo that suits you perfectly.

You all welcome to play and test our didgeridoos before you find the one that suits you perfectly. In fact we will give you a free lesson on how to play a didgeridoo, before you buy, so you can make the most of your didgeridoo.

We have a huge selection of didgeridoos.  We have a selection of didgeridoos that will suit any budget. We also stock concert quality didgeridoos and collectable didgeridoos with beautifull artwork from all regions of Australia.

Before you buy your didgeridoo, come and see our range and experience our service, you will not be dissapointed.