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Art Regions

Aboriginal art is a rich and varied form. The art changes a lot from different regions around Australia, and there are laws and traditions that must be followed.

Dot art, or Desert art, is the most iconic form of aboriginal art. It is found in Central and Western Desert Regions, and only families of these places can paint the symbols that are used in Dot art. The symbols can be used much like a map, showing where the camp sites, water holes, and spiritual gatherings take place.

Many other styles of painting exist, one of the most distinctive is crosshatching or raking. This style predominantly comes from Arnhem Land, and the Tiwi Islands North of Darwin.

Figurative painting is what we call the representations of animals, with their insides displayed. This is used as an educative tool showing young men which parts of the animal to leave at the hunting site, and which to feed to important tribal members. As with all daily life, hunting is a very spiritual practice.

Browse our collection from different regions by following the links below:

The Kimberleys, North West

Central Desert, Alice Springs, Utopia

Western Desert, Gibson Desert and border communities

South West, Noongar Boodjar (country of the Noongah peoples)

North West, Geraldton and Murchison River (Yamatji)

Top End, Darwin, Arhnem Land and the Tiwi

Eastern States, Wiradjuri mainly

If you are looking for artwork from somewhere else, don’t hesitate to get in touch.