Come and have some fun while learning how to play the didgeridoo all for free! Learn circular breathing, the key to playing the didgeridoo.  Free lessons  run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Didgeridoo lessons are a  nice way to learn how to start playing the didgeridoo.


The lesson covers:

1) An brief history of the traditionalAboriginal instrument and how it is made
2) Getting a good drone from a didgeridoo

3) Tounge and mouth techniques
4) Different tricks and animal sounds

5)  The circular breathing technique


Please  This lessons are for individuals or small groups of  less then 5 students.


If you are a school, corporate or any other group of 5 or more, please email us directly through our contact page on the link below:  and we will endeavour to do out best to accomodate your request at a different time. The will be a charge of $5.00 per student in this case. 

Current timings are:

Monday 11am - 12 pm
Wednesday 3 pm - 4 pm
Friday 11am - 12 pm

You do not need to bring your own didgeridoo
Simply book your preferred time and checkout below.

You can come for multiple sessions if you wish.

Didgeridoo Lessons Terms & Conditions


1.The lesson is free and fun.
2.We may send you info and promotions about Creative Native.
We may add you as a friend on social networking websites such as face book, twitter, Myspace, Youtube etc.
3. We do not take liability for any medical conditions you may have, and cannot advice you on how playing the didgeridoo will affect your medical condition. Please check with your doctor or GP if you are unsure before you sign up for a free lesson.


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Come along for some free didgeridoo lessons.  Please book a session using the calendar.

Current session times are:

Monday - 11am-12pm

Wednesday - 3pm-4pm

Friday - 11am-12pm


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